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  • 120' Boyd Aluminum Boom

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  • 120' Boyd Aluminum Booms on JD 4730 - Obery Farms

    John Obery talks about late season, high clearance ground sprayer application of insecticides, fungicides, and growth simulators. As well how great his 120' Boyd Booms are. visit boydag.com or superspraybooms.com

  • Case 4430 With 132' Boyd Aluminum Spray Boom

    boydag.com and superspraybooms.com. 1-800-637-7884. Boyd Ag, LLC is the leader, supplying farmers and dealers with aluminum booms and aluminum boom extensions.

  • 132' Boyd Aluminum Spray Boom on JD Sprayer

    www.BoydAg.com and SuperSprayBooms.com. 1-800-637-7884. Boyd Ag, LLC

  • 132' Boyd Aluminum Spray Boom on Case Sprayer

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  • Boydag 132' Booms On John Deere

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  • Boyd Booms at Obrey Farm Show 2014

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  • Super Spray Booms: Case Extensions

    120' Case Extensions, Available at Boyd Ag. Super Spray Booms now offers 120' Aluminum Case Extensions. The case extensions are designed to fit most Case Sprayers with a fold over the top boom and gave the convenience of reusing the existing hardware. Just like our JD Extensions, these extensions have replacement hydraulics cylinders and are installed at the 60' mark. Stainless steel plumbing is available for order.

  • Super Spray Booms: Bobtail & 120' Boyd Boom on Track Tractor @ Magie Show

    The Bobtail Center Rack offers complete individual height control so that your sprayer will have the ability to spray with one boom cradled and the other boom folded out and can be positioned at different heights such as 2' on the left and 4' on the right. The Bobtail is free floating and self centering. We use multiple hydraulic accumulators, each pre-charged to our specs, to allow vertical "give" to the left and right lift cylinders, boom tilt cylinders, the entire bobtail assembly, and fore and aft movements. The 120' Boyd Booms can be reused in the event of an upgrade to a new John Deere machine. Modifications can be made to meet either a slightly longer or shorter length of extension. Allows for leveling of the outer section through the use of eccentric bushings with two adjustable set screws. 3-way Breakaway System. boydag.com